Our Accelerate Online Payment Calculator Makes it Easy and Convenient to Buy a New or Used Audi Online!

At Audi Colorado Springs, we make it easier to get your next vehicle. Whether you want to buy used cars online or buy new cars online, our customizable tools simplify it. Follow our steps to buy an Audi online in Colorado Springs.

Step 1: Choose Your New or Used Audi

We have a variety of new and used Audi vehicles to suit any lifestyle. If you are looking for a sleek SUV, you might consider the Q3, Q5, Q7, or Q8 models. There are also plenty of stylish-looking cars, such as the A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, and A8. Or, consider taking it up a notch with the TT and R8 vehicles. Don't forget about the benefits of driving an electric vehicle with the e-tron® lineup. Whatever vehicle you are searching for, we can help you get it.

Step 2: Calculate Your Payment

When you buy an Audi online, our flexible payment tool helps you quickly calculate the best financing plan to fit your budget all in the comfort of your home or office. Make sure you select whether a financing agreement or lease deal will work best. You must also add in the down payment, and you can choose the best term for your arrangement. 

Step 3: Calculate Your Colorado Taxes

You don't want to forget about the taxes that will be due when you buy a new or used car online. With this step in our simple process, we outline the amount of taxes you will be responsible for. Of course, this information won't be accurate until you choose the terms and value of your trade-in. You also want to apply for credit before moving on.


Step 4: Choose Your Purchasing Terms

When you choose the terms, you determine the sale location, estimate how much money you are putting down, and fill out your credit score information. All of these steps must be completed for an accurate estimate. Make sure the deal fits your budget.

Step 5: Find Your Trade-In Value (if Trading a Vehicle)

 At this step, you can figure out what your trade is worth with the help of Kelley Blue Book®. This innovative tool gives you an instant estimate after you answer a few questions about your current vehicle. You can also apply the estimate to your deal. 

Step 6: Apply For Credit

 With our digital finance application, you gain a fast, simple way to get the terms for your auto loan or lease. With this tool, you save time and can budget accordingly. Just enter your contact information and the cosigner, if there is one. When you have filled out the questionnaire, you can submit it to see what options are available. 

Step 7: Schedule a Test Drive of Your Audi (Optional)

If you want to check out the used or new Audi in person, we can schedule a test drive for you. Pick a time during our sales hours, and we will bring the vehicle to you. Our team works hard to social distance, ensuring you remain safe during the process.


Step 8: Pick Up Your Vehicle or Have it Delivered

Once you have found the vehicle that suits your needs the best and you've agreed with the financing terms, it's time to have the vehicle delivered to your home or office. We will notify you when your vehicle is ready to be delivered and you can choose the next step. You have the option to choose to finalize all of the paperwork in the comfort and convenience of your home or office and we will deliver the vehicle to you. If you prefer to see a friendly face, you can choose to stop by Audi of Colorado Springs to fill out the paperwork in person then drive the vehicle home from here.

Buy Your New or Used Audi Online with Our Accelerate Tool

Take advantage of our handy Accelerate tool to buy your new or used Audi online. We make the car buying process in Colorado Springs more accessible than ever! From the amazing Audi A5 Sportback to the newly launched, all-electric e-tron® lineup, we have the perfect Audi to fit any lifestyle. Would you prefer a certified pre-owned vehicle instead? We have a plethora of like-new cars and SUVs available as well. Simply select which vehicle you'd like to purchase and follow the above instructions above to buy the new or used Audi car or SUV of your dreams.

Have Questions About Buying an Audi Online? Contact Us Today

If you have any questions about the Accelerate process, or you would like to know more about the Audi you're interested in, feel free to contact our Audi Colorado Springs dealership or stop by the dealership at your convenience. If you run into any trouble buying an Audi online, reach out to us. Our helpful team will walk you through the steps and answer any questions you might have.


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